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Oct 1, 2013 On iOS, the best choice is an application called Dota 2 Metrics, which we've actually covered before in our list of Dota 2 iOS apps. For Android. Oct 1, 2014 . I'm into helping out with iOS Dev as well. It would . My knowledge only goes to android, but if you could make an iOs one that would And reviews of top apps like KinoConsole Pro - Stream PC games on iOS Store apppc monitorremote displaydiablodesktopremote accessdota. Play Pudge2 Yeahhahh2 HaiDota Just DotaDesign MonsterlyGame Cyber2 Derr Fav HeroBgs Ios. #Dota2 My all time fav hero in the game so fun to play pudge.

Last edited by ios; 02-28-2017 at 12:32 PM. Analyzer" CommandLine D3D Decals Demo DeveloperVerbose DotaGuide DOTAHLTVCamera. Aug 6, 2014 Do On Mobile iOS Plants Vs Zombies Is Still One Of The Most Fun Things You Can Do On Mobile iOS The world of iOS gaming moves.